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tv   FOX 10 News 10pm  FOX  August 28, 2016 10:00pm-10:30pm MST

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it is just so hard to go through life thinking why. it is >> a mysterious murder in a remote area outside of the valley more than a year ago. one of the victims' fathers is appealing to the public. a chaotic scene as a car slams into a business. >> our bodies are not indecent. >> a topless march held in
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demonstrators. we begin tonight with a news alert. you're looking at a live picture coming out of l.a.x. los angeles international airport where a terminal is shut down at the moment for police activity. police have been evacuated -- people have been evacuated but so far, fire crews as well as the airport's twitter account are saying there are no active shooters shooter threat they can verify but there was alarm for sure. people have been posting video online of masses of people rushing out of this terminal. this video is from elaine. she was at lack -- l.a.x. airport and we were talking about how jittery people are these days.
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we got information from the official twitter account. he is the commanding officer of lapd media relations. this will clarify what happened there. it says report of shooting at l.a.x. proven to be loud noises only, no shots fired, no injuries. the investigation continues to locate source. they have said it is not an active shooter. it is a loud noise. they are trying to figure out wh c the largest airports in the country. we're working to get more information on this and we'll pass it to you when it becomes available. a possible car chase after a child abduction this afternoon end was a car slamming through the walls of this bakery. this unfolded in a chaotic flash near 54th avenue and glendale that is where we find danielle miller with a look at that
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>> reporter: a crazy scene out here earlier this afternoon. that car that slammed into the building around 4:30 this afternoon still in that building. there are plenty of crews out here, firefighters, city workers, it looks like they are trying to clear the scene and making it safe to remove the vehicle from the building. glendale police telling us all of this started earlier this afternoon with a possible attempted abduction >> i'm upset. very upset. >> reporter: owner of the mexican bakery upset over seeing her store front in shambles after the car slammed into it. it is not clear at this time but there is possibly much more to this mangled mess than meets the eye. glendale police tell us around 4:30 this afternoon, they were called about an attempted abduction near 75th avenue and glendale. >> while we were in route to
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short time later that there was a wreck over here at 54th and glendale that may be related. >> reporter: police heard from witnesses that the silver car involved may have been being chased by the black s.u.v. before crashing through the bakery. at this time, they aren't saying who was involved or how the possible chase may have been related to the attempted abduction. what we know is the driver of the car tried to flee but was taken into custody. the tw taken to the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. >> reporter: we were led to believe this was involved. >> reporter: the family has owned the bakery for 42 years. they have never seen anything like this. luckily, they close early on sundays or this story could have had a much different ending. >> saturdays and sundays are the
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in the front and two or three people working. it would have definitely been a tragedy. >> reporter: at this time, not quite sure when this car will be removed from the building. as of now, 54th to avenue has been closed. avoid the area until this wraps up. in the meantime, the rebuild and will reopen. danielle miller, name. police have identified the man who was shot and killed by officers as angel torres jr. he had a bb gun when he was shot by officers. officers were coulded out the apartment complex after an ex-girlfriend said he had a gun.
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and officers opened fire, which we know is now a bb gun. the woman had a history of domestic violence with torres. a shooting near 35th street and thomas, and police say a suspect knocked on the door and asked for someone who wasn't at the home. he was told to leave and that is when he kicked down the door and shot the victim in the chest. now, this video you see of the guy riding the a person of interest or a suspect. police describe him as a hispanic man with tattoos covering both arms and legs and they think he may have information that will help investiators solve this case. it is now a year since the tragic discovery of two valley teens shot to death in tonopah. >> the images are haunting a and now the father of the youngest
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regenerate from in this case. mar marcy don't live. >> it is just so hard to go through life thinking why. it is just eating me up inside. >> reporter: the father sofia gibbs says the hardest part of her death is not knowing how her life ended. it has been over a year since sew fa ya and jesse ramiro were discovered shot to death. this jimmy says his daughter was smart and well liked. >> she pitched. all the umpired loved her. they would say sofia is a good
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the game would be over. >> reporter: sofia had her demons. the family was aware that she used drugs and tried to help. >> i understand sofia had a problem but we tried to get her help. we took her to the hospital, they released her the next day. we took her to an outpatient program. they wouldn't accept her. they wouldn't test her. >> reporter: he described the agony of not knowing why his daughter was killed. >> i can't find anybody to talk to. it is crazy. >> reporter: now, he is asking anyone and everyone to come forward with information that could bring an arrest and closure to the unsolved case. >> call in and give us the information that we need. it would just make my life so easy knowing the facts of this
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if you have any information, you're asked to call police or silent witness. marcy jones, fox 10 news. >> thank you very much. people gathering today at steele indian school park to spread a message on national go topless day. they gathered to bring awareness about being treated equally in the eyes of the law when it comes to nudity. 60 go topless demonstrations happened around the world with half oth u.s. people had a mixed reaction about this protest. the presidential race is heating up and so are the candidates attacks. why some say trump's attacks on clinton's health backfired. >> reporter: so is it are you worried or not to worry when it comes to the cards-texans' game?
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inside. plus, richard saenz is live in houston. he is going to check in on the cards' locker room. you heard one-on-one with justin bethel. that is not all, a.s.u. less than a week away from the opener. the absolutely polarizing protest of colin kaepernick. the twitter world is lighting up. we'll get you take and see you
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we know the presidential race is heating up and now the health of both candidates is being questioned. >> the trump campaign questioning if hillary clinton has the physical or mental stamina to serve as president. >> she doesn't have the strength, the stamina, or the ability to straighten out our country. >> the campaign for clinton responded with multiple statements saying that she is an excellent health. trump's attacks on clinton's health are raising the questions about the letter that trump's personal doctor release inside november. >> trying to get four or five lives so they would be happy. i think some of the words did not come out the way they were meant. >> the letter did not have a lot of details about his health but
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healthiest individual if elected president, referring to trump. con using moments from the trump campaign last week. hours after his local campaign announced he canceled his trip to arizona, he announced he would be coming to the valley. stan barnes says the trump campaign is simply unpredictable. >> people like me, political types, capital watchers, presidential pundits have been about him. i believe we will continue to be wrong all the way until he is elected or not elected. >> still questions over whether trump will be coming to phoenix on wednesday. he answered some of the questions in a tweet earlier today. you see it there. the tweet reads, i will be making a major speech on illegal immigration on wednesday in the great state of arizona. big crowds, looking for a larger
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that is traditional. in fact, he is not even a republican. he is an independent who has taken over the republican nomination for good or for ill and it is a political experiment to see this play out in real time and we're all here to witness it. >> we'll keep you updated as we learn more about donald trump's trip to the valley on wednesday. most of you are p wrapping up your weekends about now getting ready for the workweek. we'll have a look at your full forecast as we head into the
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it shaped up to be a nice night here in the valley of the sun. you can see a nice shot looking over downtown phoenix. 92 decision at sky harbor with a light wind out of the south, southwest at 3 miles an hour. quiet going on in the western region of the u.s. we have a high pressure system here that is keeping a lot of the moisture away. as we take a satellite and radar, you can see it in real time as we go into the day earlier and into current time. stray showers in the mainly north part of the state but that has moved off. we're going to see warm and dry conditions for the next several days because we've got our dew points that are low right now. we're not seeing the higher dew points that could fire off any monsoon activity last week and
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we're going to be in the dry conditions for quite some time. as you look at the temperatures, we're still in the 80's and 90's. prescott at 64. kingman, 73. over in st. johns, 63 degrees right now. our high today was 99 degrees that is below the normal at five degrees. the record was 113 set back in 2009. overnights it is going to be a nice evening out there and we're seeing the evenings cooling off finally. the rest of the country, we're seeing active weather as we make our way east and in the gulf states, you can see a lot of activity. this has been going on into the coast of florida and eastern gulf they are seeing a lot of activity and bringing 2-5 inches of rain to that part of the country. they have been having too much rain to deal with for them.
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tonight look pretty nice for us here in phoenix, 76. gila bend, 77. 65 for kingman. 53 in winslow. tomorrow, our forecast highs are going to be warm but around where we should be for this time of year. 106 in gila bend. you will be at 85 in prescott. 95 in page at the utah border. a nice night. going to be clear out there. tomorrow morning, 79 degrees. we're going to top out tomorrow at 103 degrees. nothing unusual for this time of year. right about where we should be as you look at the 10-day forecast. we're going to be in the low 100's. the next chance of monsoon moisture should be thursday. we're expecting a 20% chance of that and we're drying back out. these overnight low, the later part of the forecast are going to be nice. for our weather, 24/7 and free
10:21 pm a private meeting at a valley medical marijuana
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a medical marijuana dispensary in the valley held a private meeting to talk about ptsd. >> they say they held this meeting so people suffering ptsd could talk about their experiences and what they do to deal with the symptoms. >> the dispensary's medical director was there to talk about the risks of cannabis therapy. a doctor says medical marijuana can have some benefits for those dealing with the disorder. >> one of the main things the individuals report is how much it helps with their sleep. again, great potential to help with other symptoms, including
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>> arizona voters legalized the use of medical marijuana five years ago. all right, after the break, one last look at your weather forecast as you start your workwee.
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maybe only in arizona, we could see temperatures like this and say this is amazing. no 110's, a chance of showers own thursday throughout the day and high and dry but the overnights are getting nice. >> it depends on where you have been. >> perspective, right? >> exactly. we welcome that. fall is coming and that means football is coming, cardinals are here. they look great today but as jude likes to tell me, calm down. it is just the preseason. >> reporter: that is true. when you look at it, what are
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max starks gives us a detailed look at what played out. five turnovers and that is the start of it. you're going to hear from richard saenz in the locker room. he checks in with carson palmer. he goes one-on-one with justin bethel. plus, bruce arians comments after this. not happy but not alarmed either. we'll get into that. there is a firestorm growing with colin kaepernick. we go the twitter universe get your reaction. we're less than a week away from the start of the football
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two weeks away from the start of the regular season are the cardinals after preseason game number three in houston earlier today. we'll break it down in just moments where max starks. brock osweiler, carson palmer, let's get rolling. third and 7, ball deflecked by vince wolford and it is picked off. tipped ball after tipped ball today. five turnovers for the arizona cardinals. lamar miller punches it in and it is 7-0, houston texans. the revived texans with brocks of wile per. carson palmer looking down field. he goes 44 yards and second and


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